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PLEASE READ:  Important Update Regarding COVID-19



Please refer to the Important Update Regarding COVID-19 (document referenced above) for guidance  concerning all Adnah UMC activities for the coming months.

General Announcements & Information


Adnah Blessing Box

    If you find yourself in need of food or other essentials, please know that there is a resource you are welcome to use.

The Blessing Box is located in the parking lot of the Adnah Family Life Center and is open to all. 

Sunday School Teacher Needed

    Would you be willing to join in helping teach the Fathom Sunday School Class (grades 6-8)?

We are using a team approach and you would be working with Terry (Ozark) Morrison.

Sanctuary Guild Volunteers Needed for 2020

The purpose of the Sanctuary Guild: 

To care for the Altar and its furnishings and linnens, and to prepare it for reach sevice;

To care for the sanctuary of the church:

To perform any other necessary duties to prepare the sanctuary and chancel for worship."


For more information on these positions, please check the current bulletin or contact the Church Office.

Flower Calendar:

    If you would like to place flowers in the Sanctuary on a Sunday, please sign the Flower Calendar Book,

providing your name and memorial or honorarium information.

Honoring Our Veterans

Adnah UMC Cemetery Veteran Recognition Project




There are currently 41 veterans buried in the Adnah Church Cemetery whose memory we are honoring by

placing the flag of the United States of America on their grave on the appropriate national holidays.

We want to ensure that we are honoring all of those who have served our nation in the

Armed Forces of the United States.

If you have family, friends, neighbors, or knowledge of a veteran who is buried in the Adnah Church Cemetery,

please contact Jeff and Eve Helsel via email to verify that their names are on our list.

If anyone has information on a veteran that is buried in our cemetery, please contact:

          Jeff or Eve Helsel via e-mail at     or

          Jim Goins              via e-mail at

          You can also call Nancy, the church secretary, at (803) 328-1618 to give her your



Food Pantry Ministry

The first Sunday of each month we will be collecting non-perishable food items for:

HOPE, Inc., in Rock Hill


PATH, Inc., in York


We will be collecting canned goods and other non-perishables, as well as toiletry items (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.).

Please remember to include these items in your shopping to help provide for those families in our community who are in need of our assistance.

Collection bins are located in the Vestibule and

the Fellowship Hall. 

You can deposit items at any time.

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