POSITION:  Part-time Music Director/Accompanist at Adnah UMC (~20 hours/week)  


General Purpose of Position:

Help plan, develop, and implement all aspects of a comprehensive music ministry for the congregation and community.


Primary Task:

1.       To promote the spiritual life of the congregation and community through music.

2.       Challenge congregation to respond to God’s call to serve in their communities and world.



•        Coordinate the planning and implementation of a comprehensive music ministry.

•        Be responsible for guiding the work of the music program throughout the year, including Easter, Christmas, etc.

•        Play music for Sunday services.

•        Effectively communicate with church staff, leadership, and the congregation using

          multiple resources.

•        Recruit and train volunteers to participate in choir.

•        Schedule and lead rehearsals.

•        Utilize multi-media to supplement and strengthen the worship experience.

•        Maintain music library.

•        Maintain a teamwork mentality.

•        Participate in monthly Church Council meetings.

•        Potential to provide additional musical services at weddings and funerals.


Qualifications and Aptitudes:

•        Must embrace Christian discipline and United Methodist doctrine and theology.

•        Attested musical skills and competence.

•        Must be able to play the Piano; Organist a plus.

•        Interested in a wide range of musical experiences.

•        Sense of humor and positive attitude.

•        Strong team player.

•        Dependable, responsible, self-motivated and creative.

•        Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

•        Committed to the church’s vision, leadership, and people.



To inquire or apply, please send resume to adnahumc@comporium.net, or call (803) 328-1618.