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POSITION:  Part-time Administrative Assistant at Adnah UMC (~12 hours/week)  



The secretary position is at-will employment. The Church Secretary is responsible to the Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) with the Pastor as immediate supervisor.


Salary and Benefits:

  • Position is part-time with the hourly wage to be determined by SPRC.

  • Hours are Monday thru Thursday: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM except as otherwise arranged with Pastor.

  • Two weeks paid time off as approved by and coordinated with the Pastor.

  • No additional benefits are offered or provided.


Position Requirements:

  • Must be a professing disciple of Jesus Christ who demonstrates Christian character and commitment as well as willingness to work harmoniously with the Pastor, other ministry leaders, and congregation.

  • Must be proficient in use of computer processing software.

  • Must be able to operate office equipment.

  • Must be able to conduct oneself in a professional, courteous manner in person, online, and via telephone.

  • Prior experience in church or church related situations and/or knowledge of United Methodist polity and practice are desirable.

  • Must be able to maintain confidential information as directed by Pastor or SPRC.

  • Must submit to a criminal background check. Satisfactory completion is a condition of employment.


Specific Responsibilities:

  • Prepare weekly worship service bulletins and any other supporting material as directed by thePastor.

  • General secretarial duties such as checking the PO Box at the Ebeneezer Road USPS branch, producing and handling outgoing correspondence for the Pastor and others regarding church relatedmatters (including reminders for service and meetings), serving as the Pastor’s administrative assistant and handling church related matters under the Pastor’s direction.

  • Church receptionist duties such as answering telephones, monitoring the church email account, providing access to facilities for maintenance and repair personnel, greeting visitors to the church office with attention to personal safety (e.g., always use the peephole before responding to the doorbell).

  • Maintenance of the church reservations calendar, the Flower Calendar, and the church key box.

  • Upon nomination by the Committee on Nominations and Lay Leadership, the church secretary may beelected by the Charge Conference to serve as Membership Secretary. If elected, the secretary will be responsible for maintenance of roll and recording of changes under direction of the Pastor.

  • Schedule maintenance for church office equipment.

  • Schedule facility and equipment repairs as requested by the Pastor and/or the Board of Trusteeschairperson.

  • Maintain all necessary office supplies within church budget constraints and with Pastor’s approval.

  • Order paper supplies for church as needed.

  • Coordinate, review, and publish service schedules for acolytes, ushers, nursery workers, and sanctuary guild. Send reminder cards two weeks in advance of service date.

  • Respond daily to voicemail and email correspondence. Email account should be monitored throughout the working day. Call to the Pastor’s attention any matter outside of the Church Secretary’s purview.

  • If directed by Pastor, prepare, duplicate, and mail/publish monthly newsletter.

  • May be asked to update information for the Adnah UMC Cemetery Association assignment book.

  • Perform other duties as requested by Pastor provided that such requests may be fulfilled during regular working hours and that such requests are in keeping with the nature of the duties and responsibilities of a church secretary.



  • The Church Secretary will be provided with an annual review by the Pastor and SPRC.

  • The Church Secretary will have free access to consult with the SPRC at any regularly scheduled meeting or a meeting called by the Chairperson of the SPRC for that purpose.

  • There will be a ninety-day probationary period, followed by an evaluation with the SPRC.

To inquire or apply, please send resume to, or call (803) 328-1618.

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